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Britain and the UK in general are known to be one of the biggest hubs for dog lovers. The British really do love their dogs as seen right from the royal house to the least. More than half the population in the UK is known to have dogs. 52% of dog ownership making 7.3 million dog owners makes the population of dogs in the UK equal to the human population. This is considering that most of the owners will have more than one or two dogs in their possession. This also does not consider the dogs in holding awaiting ownership. Dog ownership in the UK is not only a family affair but one for the screens. With many shows and competition featuring dogs, it is a business in itself.

The pet clothing industry has taken to dog styling providing some of the most intricate dog clothing designs in the market. The veterinarian services are a booming business with the Britons taking good care of their pets. They are also known to be the best dog keepers with some of the most exotic breeds in the world in their houses. The UK is said to also have the biggest population of small dogs. This piece about British dog owners proves that digs are not only a pet but part of the day to day living in the country.

Studies on Pet Ownership in the United Kingdom

A study was done on about 3000 pet owners to find out their friendliness towards their dogs. This was done in the UK with most of the countries including France, Britain, Germany7 and Belgium taken into consideration. It was found out that Britain was lower compared to other countries. 6% of the retailers in Britain opened their shops to pet owners and their dogs. About 5.4 million pet owners in the UK will go to cafes and restaurants and enjoy services with their dogs. Dogs in Britain are however not a welcome addition with about 73% of the pubs keeping restrictions against dogs in the pub. Compared to other countries in the UK, this is rather low for the British. The top places in the UK where dog owners feel welcome with their pets include public transport, hotels, bars and pubs, small shops and cafes.

Dogs in the UK and particularly Britain are a big part of family with people spending hour with them both in and out of the home. Every activity in the house and the outdoors has the dog considered. Dogs would in most cases not be allowed out in extreme weather conditions. Their owners have now resulted into weather clothing and styles that allow them to have fun and still walk heir dogs in any kind of weather.

Many families will have 2 to 3 dogs in the UK. Very few families will spot one dog. These are mostly common for those living alone in small apartments. Families will have much bigger dogs as compared to the singles that will have smaller dogs. The best thing about British dog owners is their ability to spend time with their dogs adding them as welcome company in all their activities.


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